CXC 2022 Presentations!

The CXC (Catalyzing eXploration in Chemistry) program for Spring 2022 has officially ended! Over the course of six weeks, 33 high school students carried out experiments from one of our two subprograms (Renewable Energy and Sustainable Polymer). The Renewable Energy subprogram focuses on creating batteries from fruit and other abundant resources. The subprogram then looks into different applications for batteries related to renewable energy, such as electrolysis of water into O2 and H2. The Sustainable Plastic subprogram focuses on the issues which the conventional mechanical recycling method cannot address as well as the synthesis of alternative plastics derived from biology rather than those which are derived from fossil fuels. On April 23rd, participants across the country presented their findings during our virtual poster session in Gather Town.

Within these six weeks, we also had seven undergraduates from our affiliated universities to act as mentors. Their role was to provide background on the chemical knowledge related to the project and advice participants in their experimental work.

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