CIC Summer REU Program 2022

Our 8-week summer REU program encourages undergraduates to participate in research and science communication for sustainable catalysis. For our program, undergraduates affiliated from 4 institutions (Boston College, University of California Los Angeles, University of Houston and University of North Carolina) worked closely with faculty and other researchers to develop their problem-solving skills and gain exposure to cutting-edge chemical research. In addition, a variety of outreach projects were made, including interviews, blog posts and even TikTok videos!

CIC REU 2022 Participants

Check out this interview conducted by Jose Watson in our REU program!

CIC REU 2021 Participants

Check out this interview conducted by Carolina Battle in our REU program!

Check out this TikTok video made by Mason Cooper!


Check out this excellent intro video about working in chem lab made by our summer REU student, Mason @el.mason ! !#chemistry #experiment #lab

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Link to REU 2021 Training Materials: