Ways to Incorporate and Improve Sustainable Practices in a Laboratory Setting

By Alina Nikitskiy and Brandon Jolly It is no secret by now that sustainable practices need to be implemented in virtually every sector of our lives from product manufacturing to household practices. One target within that spectrum for improving sustainability is within chemistry research laboratories, or really any scientific research lab. Ironically, even labs thatContinue reading “Ways to Incorporate and Improve Sustainable Practices in a Laboratory Setting”

Influence of 3D Printing on Flow Cell Design

By Kevin Perez ‘3D printing’ is commonly associated with maker culture, hobbyists and amateurs, accessible printing technologies, and low-cost materials such as ABS and PLA. While 3D printing technologies have been around since the 1980s, recent advances in machinery, materials, and software have made 3D printing accessible to a wider range of businesses and theContinue reading “Influence of 3D Printing on Flow Cell Design”

Combining Flow and Electrochemistry

By Brandon Jolly Our dependence on the chemical industry for our everyday products, ranging from plastics to pharmaceuticals, will not fade away anytime soon, if at all. Thus, it is imperative that the chemical manufacturing industry adapt methods of sustainable processes that minimize waste while maintaining, or even improving productivity. Two particular methods of chemicalContinue reading “Combining Flow and Electrochemistry”