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Transform chemical synthesis with tools to combine incompatible chemical reactions

About Us

The goal for the NSF Center for Integrated Catalysis (CIC) is to develop the fundamental chemistry to achieve the synthesis of sequence-defined polymeric materials from pools of abundant feedstocks in a single reactor using spatially separated and switchable catalysts.

Our Plan

We hope to achieve this goal in two distinct phases: in Phase I, currently taking place, we are striving to provide proof of concept that it is possible to couple synthesis of specific building blocks and polymerization to obtain new and unprecedented materials. After that, our plans for Phase II are to use an expanded, diverse team to take the concepts from Phase I to the next level by pushing the boundaries of catalysis. 

Beyond research, we also aim to make our science accessible to communities around us with our outreach, which you can see in the tabs above! To increase accessibility to our research, we’ve created blog posts and a TikTok channel showcasing some of our reactions, as well as working more directly with communities through our summer REU program and Catalyzing eXploration in Chemistry (CXC) program.

Diversity Statement

The Center of Integrated Catalysis is strongly committed to promote equity, inclusion and diversity in scientific research and education. We strive to provide an inclusive and collaborative space for every individual to freely voice their different opinions, views and experiences. Our center believes that having individuals from various backgrounds is essential for achieving great science, and we work together with empathy to understand people’s needs and make them feel respected. Click here to learn more about our values.



Jan 23

CIC Webinar Schedule 2023!

Here’s the schedule for the upcoming CIC webinars for this year! Jan 24 1:00 – 2:30 PM PT Prof. Parisa Mehrkhodavandi University…
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Nov 22

New Paper!

The Byers Group (Boston College), Diaconescu Group (UCLA) and Do Group (University of Houston) recently published a paper on converting…
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Sep 22

New Paper!

The Do Group (University of Houston) recently published a paper on improving amidation reactions in water with 2-azaaryl-1-methylpyridinium reagents. Check…
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Aug 22

REU Presentations!

Congratulations to this year’s summer REU students for their hard work and wonderful end of program presentations! Thanks to Christopher…
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Aug 22

New Blog Post!

Check out our new blog post on the impact of 3D printing for flow cell design written by Kevin Perez,…
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Jul 22

Welcome REU Participants!

We are delighted to have Mariama Salami, Jose Watson, Kevin Perez and Chirs Ortis to join our REU program this…
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Jun 22

Graduates 2022

Congratulations for Ben Natinsky, Ashton Davis, Matthew Shammami and Nathalie Co on their recent graduation! We are incredibly excited to…
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May 22

CXC 2022 Presentations!

The CXC (Catalyzing eXploration in Chemistry) program for Spring 2022 has officially ended! Over the course of six weeks, 33…
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Feb 22

CIC Summer REU 2022

Applications for CIC Summer REU are currently open for sign up now! Click here to learn more about the program…
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Jan 22

New Blog Post

Learn more about our center’s work on combining flow chemistry and electrochemistry for the production of plastic and chemicals here!
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