Webinar “Controlling Sequence in Polymerization Reactions”

Abstract: Controlling bulk properties of polymers by altering their primary chemical structure has been a longstanding paradigm in polymer science. Altering the primary chemical structure of a polymer either through incorporating different monomers, altering the stereoregularity of chiral repeat units in the polymer, or controlling polymer molecular weight and molecular weight distribution constitute ways toContinue reading “Webinar “Controlling Sequence in Polymerization Reactions””

Webinar “Invention of Catalysts for Synthesis of New Plastics”

Abstract: This presentation will begin with a brief discussion of the properties of polyethylene and the synthesis of various forms of polyethylene via early metal catalysts and via free radical processes. Following this short discussion, I will discuss our thought processes in developing late metal olefin polymerization catalysts and focus particularly on the chemistry ofContinue reading “Webinar “Invention of Catalysts for Synthesis of New Plastics””

Career in Green Chemistry Seminar Series: Frank Cassou

Abstract: Frank is a founder and CEO of Cyclopure, which was formed in 2016 to commercialize novel beta-cyclodextrin polymer adsorbents for the removal of PFAS and other micropollutants from drinking water. Mr Cassou is an entrepreneurial leader who has worked in tech throughout his career, guiding businesses through technology development and product launch. He hasContinue reading “Career in Green Chemistry Seminar Series: Frank Cassou”

Webinar “Surface Attachment Strategies in Catalysis”

Abstract: Molecular catalysts attached to the surface of materials promise an attractive array of attributes: high activity, selectivity and stability; straightforward separation of products from the catalyst; and facile catalyst recycling. But which support material should be used for a particular application, and which attachment groups will impart stability and retain the desired catalytic properties?Continue reading “Webinar “Surface Attachment Strategies in Catalysis””

Webinar: “Microscopic Mass Transport for Integrated Catalysis”

Abstract: Mass transport is an important component of any chemical reaction. While typically considered in the realm of chemical engineering for high reaction efficiency and throughput, mass transport at the microscopic level also has profound impacts on catalysis’s feasibility and reactivity. Here I present an introduction of the concepts and examples of microscopic mass transportContinue reading “Webinar: “Microscopic Mass Transport for Integrated Catalysis””

Webinar: “Ligand Design in Catalyst Development”

Abstract: The importance of ligands in molecular inorganic chemistry cannot be overstated. They are an integral part of metal complexes and serve a myriad of functions, such as providing solution solubility, structural support, electronic control, chirality, and luminescence. In this webinar, I will reflect on the many ways in which ligand design played pivotal rolesContinue reading “Webinar: “Ligand Design in Catalyst Development””

Webinar: “From Batteries to Synthesis: A Brief Introduction of Electrochemistry and its Utilization in Integrated Catalysis”

Abstract: As one of the earliest-developed techniques, electrochemistry has played a fundamental role in defining modern chemistry. By interfacing electricity directly with chemicals, it enables on-demand supply or removal of charges, thereby offering facile controls of redox events that can be exploited for a variety of purposes. In this webinar, we will first introduce electrochemistryContinue reading “Webinar: “From Batteries to Synthesis: A Brief Introduction of Electrochemistry and its Utilization in Integrated Catalysis””

Webinar: “What is Integrated Catalysis?”

Abstract: Nature uses the architecture of cells to run chemical factories; it combines different processes to construct structurally complex products. Synthetic chemists, in contrast, usually run each chemical reaction individually in a separate vessel, requiring product isolation after each step in the sequence. Integrated catalysis mimics biological systems in the development of synthetic chemical catalyticContinue reading “Webinar: “What is Integrated Catalysis?””