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Webinar: “Ligand Design in Catalyst Development”
  • Prof. Loi Do, University of Houston, Department of Chemistry
  • 01:00PM
  • Nov 17, 2020

Abstract: The importance of ligands in molecular inorganic chemistry cannot be overstated. They are an integral part of metal complexes and serve a myriad of functions, such as providing solution solubility, structural support, electronic control, chirality, and luminescence. In this webinar, I will reflect on the many ways in which ligand design played pivotal roles throughout my scientific journey, from supramolecular chemistry to synthetic protein modeling. I will suggest a workflow for starting ligand-based projects and offer practical advice on tackling common problems. To illustrate the steps involved in ligand design, I will describe my group?s work on cation-tunable olefin polymerization catalysts and explain why conducting structure-activity relationship studies and adopting an iterative design approach are critical to success. Finally, I will conclude by discussing how ligand design will be important to catalyst engineering and its relevance to the work being conducted in the NSF Center for Integrated Catalysis.