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Personal Information

  • Name:
    Kexing Xiao
  • Title:
    Graduate student
  • University:
    Boston College
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  • Personal Statement:
    Kexing majored in Polymer Materials & Engineering in her undergraduate and then received her master degree in Polymer Science where her research focused on the self-assembly behaviors of macromolecules with Prof Tianbo, Liu. In the fall of 2019, she became a graduate student at Boston College and joined the Byers lab. Outside of the lab, Kexing enjoys traveling and watching movies.
Research Description:

I am researching the redox-switchable surface-initiated polymerizations to create sophisticated surface patterns. In the CIC, I am working on developing the methods for the attachment of the switchable catalysts onto the solid support to achieve the spatial control. By taking the advantage of both spatial and temporal control, we want to convert amino acids and carbon dioxides to NCAs followed by the polymerization of NCAs to obtain the sequence-defined polyamides.

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