Team Details

Personal Information

  • Name:
    Henry Dodge
  • Title:
    Graduate student
  • University:
    University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • Email Address:
  • Website:
  • Personal Statement:
    Henry is a fourth year graduate student in the Miller Lab at UNC Chapel Hill. He is from Rhode Island and received his bachelors degree from the College of the Holy Cross. Outside of lab, Henry enjoys playing pickleball and tennis, weightlifting, and playing poker with his friends.
Research Description:

In the CIC, Henry is working on palladium catalyzed copolymerization of ethylene and carbon monoxide. He is working closely with Ben Natinsky at UCLA to develop a system in which CO can be generated electrochemically and then used as a comonomer with ethylene to generate polyketones with unique microstructures and properties.

Representative Papers:

H. M. Dodge, M. R. Kita, C. Chen and A. J. M. Miller. ACS Catal. 20202, 10, 13019. “Identifying and Evading Olefin Isomerization Catalyst Deactivation Pathways Resulting from Ion-Tunable Hemilability”.

C. Yoo, H. M. Dodge and A. J. M. Miller. Chem. Commun2019, 55, 5047. “Cation-controlled catalysis with crown ether-containing transition metal complexes”.