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Personal Information

  • Name:
    Benjamin Natinsky
  • Title:
    Graduate student
  • University:
    University of California- Los Angeles
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  • Personal Statement:
    My name is Ben Natinsky and I am a 4th year graduate student in the Chong Liu research lab at UCLA. I am originally from Chicago (Go Bears!!), but travelled to Emory University to pursue an undergraduate degree. Outside of research I enjoy playing tennis, watching TV, and eating delicious food.
Research Description:

My current research centers on electricity-driven reactions towards carbon control. As a part of the center, I am pursuing the electrochemical reduction of carbon dioxide to carbon monoxide. The synthesized carbon monoxide is combined with ethylene, via an organometallic palladium complex, to create a polyketone material. The goal of the project is to intertwine electricity and nanomaterials with organometallic chemistry in order to spatially and temporally control the local concentration of carbon monoxide, ultimately controlling how much carbon monoxide monomer is input into the growing polymer. By modulating the incorporation of carbon monoxide we can control the polymer’s characteristics such as its thermal stability.

Representative Papers:

ACS Cent. Sci., 2019, 5, 1584−1590 “Solution catalytic cycle of incompatible steps for ambient air oxidation of methane to methanol”

Chem. Sci.2021, “Efficacy analysis of compartmentalization for CH4 activation mediated by RhII metalloradical in nanowire array electrode”