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The Loi Do's Group: Organometallic chemistry of olefin polymerization

Thi V. Tran, Lucas J. Karas, Judy I. Wu, Loi H. Do,* "Elucidating Secondary Metal Cation Effects on Nickel Olefin Polymerization Catalysts." ACS Catal., 202010, 10760-10772. Link

CIC postdoc Dr. Thi Tran was the lead author in this paper demonstrating that cation tuning could readily achieve three-dimensional structures and electronic environments that are not easily accessible through conventional ligand tuning. This work led to the creation of one of the most productive ethylene polymerization catalysts reported so far for late transition metals.

Thi V. Tran, Loi H. Do.* "Tunable Modalities in Polyolefin Synthesis via Coordination Insertion Catalysis." Eur. Poly. J., 2020ASAP. Link

CIC investigator Dr. Loi Do and postdoc Dr. Thi Tran describes in this review article the innovative ways in which researchers have successfully controlled the coordination polymerization of olefins. The temporal switching of catalysts is an important concept the CIC will leverage in the construction of integrated reaction systems. 

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The Loi Do’s group: organometallic chemistry of olefin polymerization